Life is Fitness…

I am a true believer that Fitness is Life!

Not only it defines how you look, it defines who you are!
You learn to never give up on your goals and dreams.
You get balanced and stable, both physically and emotionally.
You become flexible, not only on your yoga mat, but flexible with people around you.
You learn that consistency is the key to success, that ‘pain is fuel’, that finding excuses gets you nowhere and also that when life brings you to your knees, all you have to do – is to get into a good spine stretch (‘Child’s Pose‘).
And then there are obvious benefits, like decreased body fat %, decreased heart rate, blood pressure and overall enhanced feeling of well-being.

Here is how it all started.

Growing up I was always restricted by doctors from attending PE classes, let alone participating in any sports. I had a chronic stomach illness and had to spend 3-4 weeks in a hospital every year. I was weak, skinny and pale girl ever since I can remember myself.

Things changed at the age of 16, when my body started transforming and I started to put on fat. Disregarding all doctor’s restrictions, I found my way to the gym and never looked back. I developed muscle strength, endurance, balance and, of course, I haven’t been in a hospital ever since.

My passion for fitness transformed into career in 2007, after I attended my very first step class at a local fitness club.
Two months later I registered for my first of many fitness education courses.
Since then I have been teaching everything from Pilates and Functional Training to Cardio Kickboxing, High Intensity Interval Training to Aqua Fitness and Kids Programs at different clubs of Russia and United States.

Contact me for information about classes and personal training opportunities.

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